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This is a nonpartisan initiative. 535 members of Congress stand between you and the MIDDLE CLASS. Make sure the right 535 members of Congress are in office, ask them to commit now.
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Members of Congress on Notice

All current members of Congress have received a Priority Mailing letter which includes a copy of the "Pledge To The New Middle Class" and a copy of the draft federal bill which would make student loan payments become federal income tax CREDITS. Members are encouraged to sign the pledge to assure their support of the STOP Act. It will take the commitment of 2/3rds of the Senators and Representatives guarantee its passage.

We need your financial support, your attendance at Town Halls and other gatherings of members of Congress  Make sure they voice their support the the STOP Act.

Make sure that friends and family members who have student loans are aware of this initiative and urge them to support CETR and STOP Act.