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For a generation, Congress has let this problem grow to the point where it will be the next economic disaster. Instead of waiting for the economic floor to fall out from under us, now is the time to take action!
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In a time when COVID 19 threatens to put the economy into a long term recession, we should act to prevent a student loan disaster.

The increasing partisan gridlock in Washington makes almost everything impossible to solve; a different nonpartisan approach needs to be taken. If there is any motivation for Members of Congress, it is the motivation to be elected back into office. And for every Member who is up for election, there is one or more members of other parties wanting to replace him or her. If student loan holders and their supporters take a single issue stance and insist their vote is tied to the Pledge to the New Middle Class, the Student Tax OPtion Act can become law, regardless of what member of any party is elected in November. If enough incumbents take the Pledge, the Student Tax OPtion can become a reality before the end of the year. If enough incumbents do not take the Pledge, then student loan holders and their supporters can assure the new Congress is populated with Members who will.

Why Choose Us

The Center for Education and Training Reform is a nonpartisan, non profit organization whose goal is to promote changes in education and training which will improve economic outcomes. The Student Tax OPtion is the only solution being proposed which can provide long term economic benefit without a major disruption in the current system. This incremental approach is in recognition that complex, long term issues cannot be solved with the wave of a wand, but require solutions which incrementally change the foundations that will ultimately bring resolution to the problem. If student loan holders and their supporters notify Members of Congress and candidates for Congress where they stand, success can be assured. A New Middle Class can be created.
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